What is Extension of Time (EoT)?

Extension of Time EOT changeExtension of Time (EOT) is a delay which could not be reasonably foreseen at the time of contract signing. The granting of an Extension of Time relieves the contractor from liability of damages such as Liquidated Damages from the original date of contract completion for the period of the claim.

Time extension requests are normally claimed due to the following circumstances:

  • Client Change Order requests for New/Additional Work not included in the original contract documentation
  • Latent Conditions – unknown conditions at the time of contract signing that affect the time for delivery of the contracted works
  • Adverse weather conditions

The Contractor must demonstrate that the delay/s have occurred and impact the construction schedule affecting project completion date. That is the delay occurred/impacted the project Critical Path.

Successful Projects currently assist Contractors with the tracking of progress and the preparation of EOT Claims. We also assist Client-side with reviewing and evaluating EOT Claims in accordance with the Contract clauses.


Successful Projects works for major Clients reviewing Contract programmes, assessing actual progress and assessing Extension of Time Claims in accordance with the Contract.

  • Record actual progress of the works
  • Review the Contractor’s recording of progress
  • Review of the Notice of Delays (NODs) and opportunities to mitigate delays
  • Support the Project Superintendent and Principals’ team in the understanding of actual progress and potential areas where program is late
  • The ‘Whole of Project’ schedule review

Our involvement provides the Principal a sound commercial footing from a time planning schedule perspective from the start to finish of the project.

From our experience this involvement and the level of schedule analysis provides the Principal with a commercial benefit that are far exceeding the cost of consultancy.


Successful Projects works for Contractors preparing contract programmes, Tracking progress and Preparing Extension of Time Claims (EOTs).
The support we provide through construction includes;

  • Review of progress of onsite
  • Prepare reports of actual progress, idenitfying risks/slippage and opportunities to bring works forward
  • Prepare updates of the construction schedule
  • Prepare contractor’s claims for extension of time when required

The value we bring to the project includes

  • Continual accuracy in the recording of actual progress allowing for informed decision making and reporting through to senior management
  • Robust evaluation of claims and progress

From our experience the support provided to Contractors assist a smoother process in the claims for Extension of Time.


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