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What is the Purpose of a Gantt Chart

What is the purpose of a Gantt Chart? A Gantt Chart is a timeline that is used as a project management tool to illustrate how the project will run. You can view individual tasks, their durations and the sequencing of these tasks. View the overall timeline of the... read more

Why do you need to know your Critical Path?

The Critical Path is the longest path through your project and determines the end date of the project. Why is it important to know where your Critical Path is? If you need to shorten your project, you need to move some tasks off the Critical Path or shorten the... read more

What is Microsoft Project used for?

What is Microsoft Project used for? Microsoft Project is used to plan out the work involved to achieve project goals. It helps you create a roadmap to the project goal by breaking down the greater milestones into well defined tasks. This helps you manage the... read more

How to Perform Resource Management in Microsoft Project

How to perform Resource Management in Microsoft Project The Resource Usage view in Microsoft Project displays the work hours performed by each resource. Once you’ve linked up your tasks in order of sequence and assigned a resource to each task, your Resource Usage... read more

What is Microsoft Project used for

Microsoft Project advantages are more control and efficiency over time sensitive projects. It provides more control over the delivery of a project and provide a better forecast for your project. It gets you organised. Have you ever had a tradesman turn up before you... read more

Resource Planning

How can Microsoft Project help with Resource Planning? Have you ever booked a tradesman for a job at the same time as another? Or do you know if staff are available when you want them? MS Project makes it easy for you to allocate work to staff without worrying if they... read more

Who should attend Microsoft Project course

Who should attend a Microsoft Project course? People seeking training in Microsoft Project initially attend to improve the job skills for their current role. But as they become fluent with the software, so does their growth of personal development. Some examples are:... read more